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In a world of dwindling natural resources and a growing list of plants, animals and insects becoming classified as an endangered species, The Original Fire Pie Company is pleased to to offer a product that can help slow this process down. Kindle Magic is an environmentally friendly product that leaves no trace of toxins or pollutants in the ground soil where the fire is being built. It also eliminates the need to scrounge for kindling wood in the fragile undergrowth surrounding most campsites, thereby helping to protect the natural habitats in those sensitive areas of nature that many creatures, plants, and trees call home. And since there are no hazardous chemicals or fuels used to make Kindle Magic, the smoke it produces doesn't pollute the atmosphere either.

In addition to being easy to use, Kindle Magic pouches are convenient to have in your backpack, pocket, glove compartment, tackle box, or picnic basket for a quick and easy fire, any time and any place. Each pouch will provide about ten minutes of real wood fire, which gives enough time to warm your hands, heat a can of soup, boil a pan of water, or you can even use a Torpedo Pouch or two to host an impromptu weenie roast or S'more party in the backyard. The small, space-saving feature of the Kindle Magic pouches make them a popular item for hikers, fishermen, canoeists, motorcyclists, and anyone else who needs to conserve as much cargo space as possible when packing for an outdoor adventure.


Starting a fire with Kindle Magic couldn't be any easier. If you can strike a match, you can enjoy a beautiful open fire anytime and any place in no time at all. Since it's waterproof, Kindle Magic works great even if the ground or firewood is damp or even wet. You can even light your camp fire in the rain! Place a Kindle Magic pouch or a handful of chips at the base of where you're building your fire, assemble your firewood as you normally would, light the Kindle Magic, and you're set. Kindle Magic lights as gently as a candle, but escalates quickly to provide enough kindling power to get even large pieces of firewood burning bright within a few minutes.

Has your beautiful fire ever died out because nobody noticed the flames slowly fading away? Our Kindle Magic Fire Repair Kit will come to the rescue with our exclusive Fire Dust and Rejuvenator Chips. Just spread a handful of Kindle Magic chips across your glowing embers, then top them off with a sprinkling of a litte Fire Dust. The flames will magically reappear and you're ready to add some fresh wood to start your fire again. The fresh logs will be up and burning in no time as if nothing ever happened.


Kindle Magic does more than just start a fire. It's all natural, so it's perfectly safe to cook with. Kindle Magic chips can be mixed with charcoal briquettes so they can be lit without the need for starter fuel. Use a Kindle Magic Onion Pouch beneath your charcoal chimney for a fast and simple solution to get the briquettes burning just right in only fifteen minutes. Eliminating the taste of the charcoal lighter fluid further enhances the natural flavors of meats, veggies, and everything else that is prepared over the open fire. Those who insist on a bold smoke flavor in their foods will want to try using our Kindle Magic Cooking Chunks as a stand-alone product in the place of regular charcoal in the barbecue grill or cooking pit. The liquid spices used in making Kindle Magic enhances foods cooked over it by adding a rich smokey flavor to them.

4-Pack Pouches ~ $5.95

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