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Use these pouches to start fireplaces, campfires, bonfires and other larger fires. No other kindling needed. Each pouch burns for 10 minutes and can be used as a short-term stand alone for a quick weenie roast or as an emergency fire.

12 pouches/box (Shipping Wt. 1lb)


Named for their shape, these pouches are perfect for starting smaller fires with other kindling or starting dry wood. Use them in a charcoal chimney to light briquettes without starter fluid. Each pouch will burn for approximately 6-8 minutes.

30 pouches/box (Shipping Wt. 1lb)


Large chunks of hickory and mesquite firewoods that can be used with or in place of regular firewood. Can also be used as charcoal in BBQ grill. Packed in a sturdy, reusable five pound pail and provides several hours of robust flames.

5lb chunks/pail (Shipping Wt. 7lb)


Spread a small handful of Kindle Magic Rejuvenator Chips across glowing embers, then sprinkle Kindle Magic Fire Dust over them to restore robust flames before adding fresh firewood. Kit contains 1 pound of chips and 2 oz. Fire Dust.

15-20 fire rescues. (Shipping Wt. 2lb)


Use this blend of wood chips to kindle a fresh fire or keep an active fire going. Contains a blend of hickory and mesquite woods. Can also be mixed with charcoal to eliminate the need for starter fuel. Adds a pleasant, smokey flavor to foods when used for cooking.

2 LB chips/box (Shipping Wt. 2lb)


An assortment of all our Kindle Magic products to satisfy all of your open fire needs. Includes one box of Torpedo Pouches, one box of Onion Pouches, one 2lb box of Rejuvenator Chips, 5lb. box of Cooking Chunks, and 2 oz. of Fire Dust.

Total Value $104.75 (Shipping Wt. 10lb)





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